As stewards of Ontario’s forests, OFIA’s members are committed to the sustainable, responsible use of this amazing resource. Close to 90% of Ontario’s forests are publicly owned and known as Crown lands. 44% of these Crown lands are managed forests. By sustainably using less than one percent of our Crown trees annually, Ontario’s forest sector is able to generate real prosperity and support over 150,000 families across the province. That is a very awesome return on a renewable crop.


Sustainable forest management is a way of using and caring for forests in order to maintain environmental, social and economic values over time. According to the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF), sustainable forest management helps Ontario’s forests:

  • Remain healthy and productive.
  • Support a strong forest industry and provide people with jobs and forest products.
  • Conserve biodiversity, enhance or protect wildlife habitat, watersheds, and other values, and help adapt and mitigate to climate change.
  • Support Ontario communities, provide recreational opportunities, and provide a healthy living environment.


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