Ontario's Red Tape Challenge




Ontario’s forest industry is passionate about growing the economy and creating jobs. In doing such, OFIA will be actively participating in the Red Tape Challenge and we encourage you to do the same. Reducing regulatory burden affecting the forest industry, and producing modernized regulations that will protect consumers, workers and the environment, will allow for greater focus being placed on tackling climate change, and bringing Ontario considerably closer to achieving a low carbon economy.


In March 2016, the provincial government launched the Red Tape Challenge. This challenge is geared towards public submissions that will help to pinpoint problems with government-to-business services that people all across Ontario are having. The end goal is “to help identify and eliminate regulatory duplication, lessen compliance burdens, shorten response times and make it easier for businesses and citizens to interact with government” (Office of the Premier, 2016). The focus of the Red Tape Challenge will be on six business sectors: auto parts manufacturing, food processing, financial services, mining, chemical manufacturing and finally, forestry.


You can participate by visiting Red Tape Challenge.