Forestry Facts




According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF):


Land Use

Ontario is 107.6 million hectares (ha) in size.

  • 87% of Ontario is publicly owned (93.2 million ha);
  • 66% of the province is forest (71.1 million ha);
  • 52% is productive forest (56.1 million ha);
  • 4% of the productive forest is within existing and proposed parks and protected areas.


Provincial Forest

  • 66% of Ontario is forested (71 million ha) - this is approximately 17% of Canada’s forests and 2% of the world’s forests
  • Ontario’s forests cover a land area equivalent in size to Germany, Italy and the Netherlands combined.
  • Ontario has approximately 85 billion trees
  • there are over 7 billion cubic metres of growing stock (tree volume) in Ontario
  • there are four broad forest regions in Ontario (Hudson Bay Lowlands, Boreal, Great Lakes-St. Lawrence, deciduous)
  • Ontario's most common tree is the black spruce (37% of all growing stock)
  • the sugar maple is Ontario's 6th most common tree (4% of all growing stock)
  • 61% of Ontario's forests have reached full development
  • 9% of Ontario’s forests are within Parks and Protected areas (6.4 million ha)
  • 81% of Ontario’s forests are on Crown land (public forest lands 57.5 million ha)


Natural Disturbance and Harvest

Source: Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry


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